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Versa QA Longspan Shelving

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Brownbuilt Versa QA Longspan is a Storage Solution manufactured to a commercial grade that few products can match. Its an all steel ,easily adjustable Long span shelving solution manufactured for select customers with flexibilty, strength and durability at its core. Brownbuilt Versa QA Long span structural design allows this type of shelving to be built to heights in excess of 3.6m which gives it a high level of versatility for a variety of applications. i.e.warehouse,workshop,archive,home ,garage and bulk storage.

Frames are supplied preassembled, and the units have full length reinforced steel decks allowing for a faster installation. The std colour is wild oates but other colour combinations are available on request .

Retail and Display


Storage / Archive





  • 500kg per Level, SAFE Working Load
  • 4 adjustable shelf levels per bay ( more available on request )
  • Reinforced Steel full length shelf
  • Frame Pitch of 50 mm allows for easy shelf adjustments to suit your storage needs
  • Free Standing unit no external support required
  • End Frames pre-assembled welded powder coated
  • Shelf Supports clip into place to ensure speedy assembly


Heigh 1950 mm
Width 1800 mm (internal left to right)
Depth 600 mm (front to back)

Overall Width Dimensions

Starter Bay 1940 mm
Carry On Bay 1870 mm

Definition of a Starter Bay

Commonly described as an “individual bay” or “free standing bay” the Starter bay consists of Two end frames or uprights and is used as the first bay in a run or block of shelving or racking

Definition of a Add On Bay

Commonly described as a “Carry on bay” the Add On bay consists of only one end frame or upright as it is utilized as an “additional bay”. The Carry On bay links to a Starter bay or block of shelving / racking for the necessary components required to stand it. The use of Add On bays is a cost effective way of utilizing common components and reducing the overall costs of a Shelving / Racking structure, block or run.