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Standard Width Pallet Jack

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  • 3 Position Control Lever:

    1. Lower: Provides regulated lowering of the load
    2. Neutral: Allows free movement of handle when moving the pallet truck
    3. Pump: Lifting Loads
  • Heavy duty thrust bearing
  • Hard chrome-plated ram and piston with high quality synthetic seals makes this a durable unit
  • Solid push rods
  • Large diameter pivot axles
  • Heavy gauge frame
  • Reinforced at stress points make this a very strong chassis
  • Highly resistant to wear on all floors providing economic wearlife
  • Quiet smooth handling
  • Unit comes with assembly instructions for attaching handle
Capacity 2500 kg
Overall Width 685mm
Height Lowered: 75mm
Raised: 170mm
Fork Width 152mm
Load Wheels 73 x 73mm
Steer Wheels 180 x 50mm
Colour Yellow