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PixelTUF discreetly presents both mains and TUF A+C USB fast charging power in an ultra-compact form, meeting the growing need for easily accessible mobile device charging in informal areas. Perfectly suited to breakout areas and smaller meeting rooms, in offices, hotels, and other public spaces – installation of PixelTUF is only limited by the imagination.

Wide range of colours and socket outlet options

PixelTUF can be specified with either an Australian socket, or a wide range of international power socket options. Fast USB charging of up to two mobile devices is provided via the fully integrated TUF A+C USB fast charger.

PixelTUF  is available from stock in white or black with white, black or a satin silver grommet ring.  PixelTUF 8 offers alternative decor matching ring colours on request.

Configuration PixelTUF comes standard with our TUF A+C: Twin USB Fast charger fitted
PixelTUF’s single socket out may be configured with a power socket or our class leading TUF A+C: Twin USB Fast charger
Construction High impact fire retardant polycarbonate enclosure. Polycarbonate 80mm mounting grommet with hand tightened securing nut
Colour Options PIXEL Fascia – White or black
Socket/TUF fascia – White or black
Grommet ring – Silver, white, black, light blue, dark blue, light orange, orange, green, pink, red or yellow
Power Connection Options 2000mm Australia/New Zealand 10A 3 pin plug
800mm lead to J Coupler
Installation PIXEL fits into a standard 80mm grommet hole and is securely held in place by the large plastic locking nut which can be tightened by hand
Quality and Testing Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation and earth
USB charger: Output voltage and resistance
All sockets continuity tested with batch performance testing
“We test every pin on every connection in every socket”

To fit PixelTUF into your desk couldn’t be simpler. If your desk already has an industry standard 80mm hole* simply take the fixing nut off your newly purchased PixelTUF, feed the cables through the hole and gently slide your PixelTUF into place. Make sure your PixelTUF is facing the desired orientation and screw the fixing nut back on until it is firmly in place. PixelTUF will fit any surface from 1mm to 40mm.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A Female
1 x Type C Female
Charging Current Max 5A in total
AC voltage range 240V AC 50/60Hz
AC input current Max 0.6amp at full load
<0.5mA at no load
Rated total Output 25W max
Output voltage 5V DC +- 5%
Standby Power use <0.05W
Life expectancy Min 5 years in normal use
USB connector Gold Plated
Min. Insertions – 5,000 for Type A, 10,000 for Type C
Over current protection Yes – Auto reset
Short Circuit protection Yes – Auto reset
Operating Temperature 0° to 30°C
Max relative humidity 85% RH
Safety Certifications Safety – IEC 60950-1: 2005 (2nd Edition) + AM 1:2009 + Am 2:2013
EMC – EN62104-3:200
Additional Features Dynamic voltage adjustment to compensate for cable voltage loss
Protection from external surges
Blue LED
Device Time
iPhone X Type C – 79 minutes
Type A – 86 minutes
iPhone 8+ Type C – 71 minutes
Type A – 75 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Type C – 69 minutes
Type A – 87 minutes
iPad Pro 9.7 Type C – 125 minutes
Type A – 235 minutes
Macbook Pro 13″ Laptop Type C – 235 minutes