Pallet Racking Installations

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Installing pallet racking can be a daunting task.

Let our experienced team of installers work to have your pallet racking ready for use as per schedules set out. Our installers will then clean up any mess made and remove any rubbish, if a suitable rubbish collection service is not available.

As part of the pallet racking installation we will complete the following tasks:

  • All pallet racking frames will be assembled, if they have been shipped flat packed
  • All pallet racking frames will be stood and held into place with pallet racking load beams
  • All pallet racking frames will be straightened, levelled and then squared up
  • All pallet racking frame spacers will be installed where necessary
  • All pallet racking frames will be bolted to the floor with expansion bolts. We use 2 screw bolts per foot plate for pallet racking used by machines
  • All pallet racking load beams will be locked into place as per the layout drawing
  • Any additional accessories such as; Load Signs, Beam Safety Stickers, Corner Protectors, Rack Guards, Mesh Decks, Particleboard Sheets or Board Support Bars will be installed or fitted into place

Please note: Our installations include all required levelling plates, screw bolts, labour, tools, and safety cages. The customer will need to supply our installers with access to 240 volt power and a suitable forklift. If these items are not available please notify us as soon as possible.

Get the ABSOE installation experts to handle your pallet racking installation, efficiently and safely.

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