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Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever racking is a warehouse racking system that is tailored to suit long products. Cantilever racking can be designed and built in a single or double sided configuration in a light,medium or heavy duty rating which makes for the ideal storage solution. With Cantilever racking you can load products from the front of the system without any interference from uprights or beams, making this the best solution for timber, pipe, plasterboard, extrusions and other long bulky items that can not be palletised in selective pallet racking.

  • Modular components allows for a cost effective solution for storage of long, bulky items.
  • Cantilever arms are adjustable allowing for the storage of odd sized products
  • Available as single or double-sided configuration
  • Free standing, entirely self supporting and doesn’t require fixing to walls for stability
  • Cantilever racking can be galvanised for outdoor use
  • Arms can be supplied with a wide range of accessories such as end stops, spool holders etc.
  • Manufactured to Exceed AS4084:2012
  • Australian Made from Australian Steel
Colour Frames: Orange
Arms: Orange
Braces: Pre Gal
Materials: Powder Coated Steel

There is a variety of options when choosing a cantilever rack for your warehouse. These options include overall height, beam length, weight loads, number of levels, dimensions of product and how you want the system configured. With these options available, your system can be highly customised to provide a perfect solution to suit your needs. If you want to understand more about this form of system fill out the made to order form below or give us a call and we can discuss a solution to suit your needs.

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