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ABSOE Business Services

ABSOE provides the following services and can work closely with your business to ensure success.

Design, Measure & Quote

If you’re starting a new office, relocating an existing one or just need a fresh new layout ABSOE can help. We can send our experience Office Equipment staff to review the location and draft layouts visualizing the office equipment in their proposed space. We can provide suggestions on the best equipment to use to maximize both space and efficiency to craft a perfectly synergized working environment.

Relocations & Green Field Sites

Business needs always change – and if you find that you need to relocate your office space and equipment, either around your existing premises or to a new premises, our experienced relocation teams can help you do so safely and efficiently. ABSOE Can also purchase the current equipment and replace it with new equipment.

Safety Inspections & Audits

ABSOE can provide you with a Pallet Racking Safety Audit to make sure that your pallet racking is safe, secure and complies with the Australian Standards. Pallet Racking is typically placed in a busy and potentially hazardous environment so there are many safety responsibilities under the Australian Standards that we can help ensure are followed. Regular scheduled inspections are required to make sure your pallet racking is as safe as possible and conforms to the Australian Standard and local OH&S requirements.

All of our safety inspections follow Australian Standard AS4084-2012.

Design, Measure & Quote

Warehouse Pallet Racking is often a carefully considered decision and needs to be purchased with careful consideration as everything must be perfect to ensure a fluid use of the racking. We here at ABSOE have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right Pallet Racking for your business.

  • ABSOE will work with you closely to visualize how the storage/shelving/racking solution will look – before you buy.
  • Using the latest technology and software we will create and provide design plans and layouts for review.
  • Together we will test and adjust layouts until we arrive at the most optimally efficient layout.

Safety is paramount when it comes to Pallet Racking operations; any damage could be violating OH&S requirements and Safety Standards... worse still it could result in injury. ABSOE offers our Pallet Racking experts to repair or replace any damaged Pallet Racking to ensure the best quality and safest racking possible. Our most common repairs are typically replacing damaged columns, baseplates and bracers as well as splicing frames.

If you need your Pallet Racking repaired please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Manage the risk

To minimise injury or damage, please unload the affected areas safely and notify us of the damage. We can generally visit your site within 24 - 48 hours and recommend what procedures would be necessary to correct any damage.


Let our experienced team of installers work with you to have your racking installed in an efficient safe and seamless manner . We pride ourselves in owning the outcomes of our projects and ensuring our teams work with our clients to provide the very best in assembly relocation and dismantling services. Our teams are our own and have been trained to ensure that all works performed meet the relevant standards and our work is guaranteed to ensure no costly call backs or delays.


Business needs always change – and if you find that you need to relocate your racking, either around your existing premises or to new premises, our relocation teams can help you.

Relocations, Purchase & Recycle

ABSOE can assist your business with relocations of equipment; We can purchase your existing fittings and replace it with new equipment or recycle your used equipment.